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Ralph Diquattro is a Melbourne based luthier. I specialise in custom hand made electric guitars

Diquattro Grande
A choice of exotic timers with carved top and back

My top of the range guitar. You can supply some or all of the timber or you can choose from my stock. All guitars feature a long tenon set neck, carved top and back with highly figured wood and a translucent finish.

Base price: $3800

Diquattro Deluxe
Choice of Exotic timbers, carved top

Mid range guitar featuring highly figured carved top with a translucent finish. You may supply some or all of the timber or you can choose from my stock. Guitar can be finished in a translucent, solid or in a multi burst colour.

Base price: $3500

Diquattro Standard
Carved top with a choice of solid or burst colours

Base model guitar. Still all fully hand made with a long tenon set neck. You can still supply your own timber or choose from my stock. Options can be chosen (see the option list) to make your guitar just the way you like.

Base price: $2800


Custom guitars
Fully customised options

From a standard double cut, to explorers and flying-v's, you name the shape you like and I'll make it. Custom guitars are all hand made, set neck and can be hollowbody, semi hollow, 6 string, 7 string and any pickup comination.

Base price: $3000

Options for all guitars
F-Holes? Hollow body? pickup choice?

  1. Hollowbody (full)
  2. Hollowbody (full) with F-Holes
  3. Semi Hollow (chambered)
  4. Chambered with F-hole
  5. 7 String
  6. Various pickup combinations
  7. Various switching combinations
  8. Custom inlay

Prices: vary on option and can be added to any model

Repairs & Workshop
List of repairs and services available

  1. Repair broken headstocks
  2. Repair broken necks
  3. Refret
  4. Setups (fixed and floating bridges)
  5. fret dress and polish
  6. Pickup / electronics replacement & repair

Prices: vary on option> please contact me for a quote






Diquattro Guitars is based in Melbourne Australia. I specialise in custom hand made electric guitars. I have a line of guitars which are a double cut shape with a 3 a side headstock. I also work with customers to build any style / shape they wish for!


All of my guitars are hand made. I do not buy pre cut fretboards, bodies or necks from other sources.


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