David Devito's Diquattro Grande

David Devito is a Gold Coast based clasically trained singer, musician and producer. David's guitar is based on the Grande model and is a full hollowbody. This guitar is unique as in it's the only one of my builds featuring 3 pickups and a peizo. This along with coil tap provides a large array of sounds to David.

The materials used in this guitar are:

  • Brazilian Mahogany Body
  • American Maple Top
  • Canadian Maple Back
  • Macassar Ebony Fretboad
  • Maple Neck
  • TV Jones Pickups

The guitar includes a custom made "drawer & plate" which provides access to the battery for the peizo. This plate was carved and shaped from the same maple used for the back of the guitar. The plate replaces the traditional back plate you would normally find on an electric guitar.

By doing this we acheive uninterrupted figuring on the back of the guitar. You can see the drawer on the 4th row of the gallery. The input jack plate is also made from that same Maple.

Images of the build process







Diquattro Guitars is based in Melbourne Australia. I specialise in custom hand made electric guitars. I have a line of guitars which are a double cut shape with a 3 a side headstock. I also work with customers to build any style / shape they wish for!


All of my guitars are hand made. I do not buy pre cut fretboards, bodies or necks from other sources.


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